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The Lighthouse Mastermind

The Lighthouse Mastermind for Men is to bring a group of up to 5 like-minded individual men and 1 like-minded leader together on a weekly basis to share, support, brainstorm, and hold each other accountable to develop and take action on activities to bring successful growth to the areas of life, family, spirituality, and career in each individual.



Livin' the Upward Life Blog

Livin' the Upward Life is the name of Terry's blog. He addresses a variety of different issues here that affect those men who are going through their own Mid-Life Crisis.

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Do You Need a Midlife Coach?

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  • Are you a man between the ages of 35 and 60? 
  • Does life seem like its passing your by?
  • Have you have lost your zeal to be successful and seem to living on the monotonus daily hamster wheel of life?
  • Are you questioning your purpose in life? your career? your relationship? or your future? 


Men, this is normal. You are not alone.  Psychologists term this as "Mid-Life Crisis".  

There is help for you!  It does not come in a bottle and you do not have to go to a "shrink" or Psychistrist to adresss and overcome these issues.  

Contact America's Mid-Life Crisis Coach, Terry P. Burgess today for a complimentary 45 minute coaching session to help empower you to rediscover the joy of life!

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