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Livin' the Upward Life Blog

Livin' the Upward Life is the name of Terry's blog. He addresses a variety of  issues here which affect men who going through their own Mid-Life Challenges and Crisis.

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Coach T's New Book - 04/2018

Never Ever Give In! is Coach T's first book you can find it on Amazon Kindle and in paperback. 

Do You Need a Midlife Coach?

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  • Are you a man between the ages of 35 and 60? 
  • Does life seem like it is passing you by?
  • Have you have lost your zeal to be successful and seem live on the monotonous daily hamster wheel of life?
  • Are you questioning your purpose in life? your career? your relationship? or your future? 


Men, this is normal. You are not alone.  Psychologists term this as "Mid-Life Crisis".  

There is help for you!  It does not come in a bottle and you do not have to go to a "shrink" or Psychiatrist to adresss and overcome these issues.  

Contact America's Mid-Life Crisis Coach, Terry "Coach T" Burgess today for a complimentary 45 minute coaching session to help immediately rediscover the joy of life and empower you for success!

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